It's Time to Get Corporate Money Out of Politics

It’s not about Republican or Democrat, it’s definitely not about corporate interests or big-money, this campaign is about us, every day, hard-working Hoosiers.

Sound like something you can get behind? Follow the steps below to help amplify our message!

Our grassroots-funded campaign is proving every single day that you don’t need corporate donations and private fundraisers to run for office.

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The more Hoosiers that hear about our campaign the fewer campaign contributions we need. Elections are won by votes, not by who raises the most money.


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If everyone who viewed this page could donate any amount, even $1, we’ll have the grassroots financing necessary to win this election. We simply don’t need corporate money in politics. 

Other Ways To Help

Join Our Campaign

No matter your availability or skillset, there is a place for you in our campaign! We need folks to make phone calls and knock on doors to talk to our neighbors about our campaign. If you can, make a donation of any size, because our campaign runs on support from people like you, not special interests.

Most importantly, you can make sure that your friends and family will be voting in both the midterm and general election! Share this link to register to vote online, or confirm your voting status

Volunteer With Us!

One of the most impactful ways to flex your civic force is to volunteer for a political campaign! Campaigns like ours rely on volunteers to not only help us spread the word and help break down political polarization! From call banks to walking the streets to walking in parades and helping folks register to vote, we have a role for you!

Let us know what skill you bring to the table and we’ll be in touch!

Display A Yard Sign!

Like what you have read and don’t mind mowing around a yard sign all summer? We’ll bring one out to you! Sign up for a yard sign here!