Who we are

Grounded by our Guiding Principles, we are running a different kind of campaign. It’s not about Republican or Democrat, it’s definitely not about corporate interests or big-money, this campaign is about us, everyday, hard working Hoosiers.

Our Guiding Principles talk about how we work together, how we relate to each other, to our community, to our opponents. These principles are at the core of everything we do; they drive our decision making, they help us with our planning, and they guide us in our daily work.

We are living in a time where politics have really caused the perception of division, in our communities, in our families, in our places of worship. Labels are the friction that prohibits us from talking like human beings. Genuine curiosity and total respect for someone else’s views are the foundation of this Guiding Principle.

Our team’s thoughts, words, and actions cultivate a sense of respect and humility. We will listen first, speak last and respect every individual we encounter on the campaign trail, including our competitors.

This isn’t just a political tagline, honesty is in our nature, and is one of the easiest ways to build respect and preserve transparency.

As individuals, this means that we can grow and mature, learning from our mistakes. Being truthful does not mean that mistakes won’t be made.

For society, truthfulness makes social bonds, lying and hypocrisy break them.

Being successful means taking responsibility for what goes on around us.

Responsibility means, quite simply, doing what we said we were going to do when we said we were going to do it. Once you make a commitment, there are only three acceptable options:

  • Meet the commitment as made.
  • Get help in advance of the deadline so that we still meet the original commitment.
  • Go back to the person to whom we made the commitment and negotiate a new commitment.

Ignoring, forgetting or pretending the commitment doesn’t exist are not acceptable options. When there is a mistake, we take ownership, learn, adjust, and move on. Missteps are inevitable, but they should never be repeated. We own our choices and our work.

We believe that choosing to be involved in public service means actively being a member of the community that you serve and having an obligation to give back to that community as much as possible.

Unreachable, inactive and downright absent politicians are examples of poor leadership. We believe that our elected officials have a responsibility to their office and to the people that they serve.

We are committed to leaving a positive mark on our community. We actively work to make our community a better place to live by contributing our time, energy and information that in turn inspire others to be active citizens, to work to better our community.