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What I Believe

Socially liberal, fiscally conservative: Like many of you I find myself in the middle of the political spectrum. Not quite right, not quite left. 100% Hoosier.


I will support our public educators with the respect they deserve by fighting for livable wages, strong benefits and the issues that effect their day-to-day work like prep time, curricular investments, and class sizes. I will support career technical education and apprenticeship programs so students can be prepared for good-paying jobs in our district.

Healthcare & Rural Health

We stand at a crossroads in healthcare today. Behind us lies a nostalgia-tinged world of unrestricted physician autonomy, sacred doctor-patient relationships, and an industry focus on the art and humanity of medicine. Now, we have hospitals posting record profits with a culture that can’t sustain employees, from nurses and technicians to physicians and housekeepers. To fix healthcare, we need to fix the root cause of the problem, not create more regulations.

2nd Amendment

The vast majority of gun owners are responsible and safe. We need them to model that behavior for future generations. I grew up in a family that safely and responsibly used firearms, I am a gun owner and CCW permit holder. I respect Hoosier farmers and sports enthusiasts right to own firearms and protect their family and property.

Infrastructure & Rural Broadband

Our crumbling infrastructure puts us at an economic disadvantage and threatens Hoosier lives. I’ll support public and private investment in communications, roads and highways. It’s 2022, access to broadband should be as widespread and commonplace as picking up a telephone or turning on a TV.

First Responders

As a first-responder who has experienced the trauma of the job first hand, I will introduce legislation that supports Hoosier first-responders mental health by providing groundbreaking state paid resources to both career and volunteer departments. I will work directly with Fire, Police, EMS and Dispatch agencies in our district to support their needs at the Statehouse.

Getting Money Out of Politics

Corporate PAC and lobbyist money does not belong in politics. We all deserve an equal voice in our government. Big corporations and wealthy special interests have flooded the system with money and have bought the politicians, drowning out the voices of everyday Hoosiers. See the data for yourself.

Campaign Stats


Cups of Coffee In District Coffeehouses

You’ll often find me posted up at a table working remotely or having engaging conversations with folks in education, healthcare, emergency services or small business. To really learn the issues that folks are talking about around the kitchen table, you have to meet them there.


Conversations With Educators

Decisions made in the Statehouse that effect the daily work of our educators should never be made without their voice being heard first. Much like healthcare workers, our educators also face moral injury in their classrooms because they are often unable to do what is right for their students. What we need in education is a massive system change that starts with placing value on it, on the work that our teachers and administrators are doing and on the programs that allow students to explore and choose a 4 year education or a technical program that leads to a high-paying career right out of high school.


Small Businesses Visited

Small businesses are the engine of the US economy and the country’s main job creators. When you add owners and employees together, it ends up being roughly 85 million hard working Americans (the majority of the national workforce) that are dependent on the success of small business. Putting politics completely aside, we can all agree that small businesses not only make our community unique, they fuel growth and economic sustainability.


Miles On The Campaign Trail

From Terre Haute to Clay City to Ellettsvile and everywhere in between, I believe that political representation only works when you are with the people you are representing. So, I am taking this entire year away from work to prove to my fellow Hoosiers with boots on the ground that I am the right person for this job. No matter where you live in the district, I’ll be in your neck of the woods soon to chat about the issues that you and your family discuss at the kitchen table.


Dollars Raised From Corporate Interests

It’s time to get big corporate money out of politics. Responsive to only his largest donors and not to the actual people living in the 46th District, Bob Heaton, while running unopposed in 2020, still collected just under $100k in campaign contributions. The majority of these donors are large corporations in the banking, insurance, healthcare and alcohol distribution industries. Your vote should determine who goes to represent you in our Statehouse, not big companies and special interest groups.


The number of votes to win

Indiana’s 46th House District is made up of 38,061 registered voters that call Monroe, Owen, Vigo, and Clay counties home. The majority of folks I’ve spoken to are sick and tired of the political polarization and it’s worse than it ever has been. It’s affecting our families, our friends, and our communities. I often tell my own family that I love them, I just dislike their politics! We’ve lost the ability to talk about politics in a way that actually brings people together, a way that says “here is how government can make things better”. Politics does not need to be this nasty, divisive thing that tears us apart. We can, and should, be talking about how to make our communities better through politics.

Listening, Learning

Listening, Learning

Representing Everyday Hoosiers starts with not being paid off by corporate interests. Read more about some of the issues below.



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100% of the content on this website is written by me.

You won’t be reading anything in the third person. This is my voice. I’m not hiring a ghostwriter to make me sound like a better candidate.  This is about genuine, transparent communication from me to you. You deserve to read my words, as I intended them. You deserve a candidate who not only listens, but responds. 

Political representation is when citizens are “present” in public policy-making processes because their politicians act in their best interest.

When was the last time you felt your voice was being represented in the Statehouse?

No stranger to public service, I worked as a first responder in both Bloomington and Indianapolis. I witnessed first-hand the effects of the opioid crisis, the detrimental effects of our antiquated, broken healthcare system, and the stress and trauma that our first responders face each and every day. 

After years of working with EMS and with the support of my wife, Kristin, I started looking for a new career. I began my entrepreneurial journey by brewing beer in our two-car garage at our home in Monroe County. At the end of a three-day tour on night shift, I would fire up the brew kettle and develop recipes while working on our business plan.

Around this same time, Kristin and I had a desire to grow our family. After several doctor’s appointments, we discovered that we were unable to conceive naturally and began our adoption journey with Bethany Christian Services.After months of waiting, we were matched with an expectant couple who made the incredibly selfless decision to give us the gift of raising a beautiful baby girl. Cora was born in 2017, and has been raised right alongside our small-business, Switchyard Brewing Company.

Knowing your time is valuable, let’s fast forward to today. We led our small business through the COVID-19 pandemic while not only retaining, but expanding and adding new jobs. I’ve always been drawn to public service and servant leadership, which is why I’m running for State Representative in Indiana’s 46th District. It’s my hope that you’ll join me as we work together to bring everyday Hoosier voices to Indianapolis.

How can you help? Donate directly to our campaign today, or sign up to be a volunteer. I need your support to make it to the Statehouse so I can start passionately advocating for hard working, everyday Hoosiers.

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I’m running to represent everyday Hoosiers, not corporate PACs or out-of-state parties. Join us! Kick in a few bucks, volunteer a few hours, or help spread the word because I can’t get to the Statehouse without your help.